Nuno Vasco Marques

» In the digital world we all live in, visual languages have become important communications tools. They can be immediate, extremely creative, convincing and uniquely descriptive. Unlike spoken or written languages, images are perceived by the brain at a personal and human level that transcends conventional language barriers. I use digital images to expand the possibilities of fantasy, improve communication and promote ideas through visual art work. In the end, I believe that the main purpose of my work is to offer the viewers an opportunity to experience these ideas as close to reality as possible, as if they could touch it, listen to it or just immerse themselves inside the dream.  «

«Social Housing»

«Reminisching Afterlife» — artsound cover design

«Søborg chair» — Fredericia design

«Barn house» — archt. João Mendes Ribeiro

«Highway resting Sofa» — personal project

«Green terraces houses» — Eneseis studio

«Agrotourism complex» — archts. Nuno Rodrigues & Nuno Marques

«Golden spot»

«Panoramic restaurant» — Eneseis studio

«New house project» — Eneseis studio

«Flamingo house»

«Facade study»

«Forest house»

«Alpendurada building» — archt. Gisela Silva Monteiro

«Galop console»

«Rembrandt lockdown»